When I first started planning my wedding I was pretty sure that one way I was going to save money was by not hiring a wedding planner. I had looked around and read the description of services on a few different planners websites and thought that since I didn’t need someone to help me find vendors or really “plan” the wedding, I didn’t need to hire a wedding planner.

Once I got a little further into planning and imagining the day, I started to run into scenarios that I didn’t have anyone to help make happen. For instance, I knew that I would be renting decor but wasn’t sure who would coordinate the deliveries day-of or who would be there to either set it up or make sure it was getting set up. All of my sisters and my best friends are in my bridal party so I knew it couldn’t be any of them and it’s not something I want my Mom or Matt’s Mom to worry about.

A couple of weeks into planning I started searching YouTube for advice from other brides about what they would’ve done differently when planning their weddings and so many of them said they wish they would have hired a coordinator/planner. Through these searches I stumbled upon a wedding planner’s channel (Jamie Wolfer) and started watching her super helpful videos. She talks about things like, how to build a wedding timeline, budget saving tips, how to DIY a greenery runner, things commonly forgotten on a wedding day, and on and on and on. She’s so incredibly helpful and after watching her videos I started to realize some things...

I realized I wasn’t sure who would tell everyone when to walk down the aisle, who would tell the DJ to announce us, who would keep the reception moving along, who would be the point person for all of the vendors, who would keep the day running on time, etc. When I started to really think about all of those things and run through the list of possible friends or family members who could do those things I realized that I just didn’t want friends or family to have to deal with those things. I wanted someone who would know the vision that Matt and I have for our wedding day and would make decisions based on that. I wanted someone who had experience running a wedding and dealing with vendors and any issues that could (and likely will) come up. I wanted a professional. I needed a wedding planner (or “coordinator”).

Most planners have several options for their services and I decided that a “day of” or “month of” (same thing) coordinator would be the best fit for us. This type of planner/coordinator becomes the point-of-contact for all other venues about 6 weeks before the wedding and handles all of the day of coordination that needs to happen. Different coordinators offer different things so I can’t say exactly what all is included in this type of package so if you’re curious just reach out to some that are local to you!

Ultimately we decided that spending the money to have a professional there to help us bring our vision of our wedding day to life is one of the best investments in our wedding we can make. Personally, I think that everyone should hire a coordinator (if you can) and save yourself the headache of having to personally deal with all of the tiny details that happen day-of. It will also save your photographer from having to do that! More often than not, if there’s no official coordinator, your photographer ends up having to do that job as well as theirs. And if your photographer is busy running your timeline and coordinating with other vendors, they won’t be taking photographs.

If you’ve been wondering whether or not you should hire a planner/coordinator and aren’t really sure which option would be best for you, be sure to check out this blog post from Junebug Weddings!

You can also watch Jamie Wolfer’s videos:




I hope this has all been helpful to you with your own wedding planning! Oh, and exciting news! We officially hired our wedding coordinator last night! So excited to work with Lindsay at Borrowed Charm!