Here we are, officially less than 1 year until our wedding! Well, that was official at the beginning of May but whatever. It’s June and I’m excited that we are now one month closer to our wedding, even though it’s still so far away!

So far in our planning process we have booked the venue, the photographer and the food/drinks and those are the only things that are official. I’ll do another post about the vendors we have so far but today I want to talk about inspiration.

I met with a rental company/coordinator last week and we talked through some ideas and I showed her my pinterest board for the wedding and I’m so excited about the things she put together and the direction everything is going! I thought I would share a little about what is inspiring the design of our wedding with you! (I’ll give context to everything in a later post)

This piece of art is my main source of color inspiration for our wedding. I am LOVING that rust is a popular color right now and I’m going to be taking full advantage of it! My two main colors are rust and the color of blueberries. Everything else is either a variation of those colors or a complimentary color. I ended up going to Lowe’s and grabbing paint cards in the colors I wanted my bridesmaids to wear and I gave them each 5 different paint cards to use for reference when choosing their dresses. The guys will be in a shade of blue (I think)!

Let’s talk about vibes + style

We both knew before we even started planning our wedding that we wanted it to be pretty laid back and casual. We love having friends over for brunch and playing yard games and initially that was our plan for the wedding - brunch and yard games! Brunch turned into dinner because of weather and timing concerns (I HATE being hot and I really don’t like waking up early sooo). Yard games are going to be a big part of our day and we are so excited about that! Matt LOVES to play games - any game, so this part of the wedding is really important to him.

Since we knew we wanted chill + yard games that meant we had to choose a venue with plenty of outdoor space so right away our choices were narrowed down (which was honestly really nice). Since we want people to just relax and have a good time we didn’t want anyone to have to think about getting from the ceremony to the reception so we found a place where we could easily do both! Once I knew we were going to do an outdoor wedding I started searching Pinterest for “backyard wedding” and “outdoor wedding” and “summer wedding” for inspiration.

I started out by pretty much pinning everything I even kind of liked to my wedding board which quickly grew in number to over 2000 pins! Ok, truthfully, I’ve been adding to that board for years but you know how that goes… Once we actually started planning and especially after we chose our venue and food I was able to narrow down my pins to only what would be relevant to our space and overall style and vibes.

We also took into account our personalities and styles as people and so we knew that going the more elegant/elevated route of decor wasn’t going to be for us. Matt loves bright colors and I like more muted and monochromatic colors so as a compromise we chose lots of colors but in more muted tones.

Here are some of the pinspiration images I found:

I want it to feel and look effortless but intentional, slightly moroccan while staying timeless, fun and sophisticated. Maybe I’m nuts and those things can’t all coexist in the styling and feel of our wedding but I’m going to try! It should be just an extension of us and the things that we enjoy! We both care a lot about aesthetics and the feeling of space and so those are the areas we are focusing on and every vendor we choose plays into that.

I wish I wish I wish it was 2020 already so that we would be closer to the wedding! I can’t wait to share everything!

post originally written June 14th, 2019