Back to my favorite topic at the moment - wedding planning! YAY! Ok but seriously some days it’s my favorite and some days I’m just so ready to be done with it!! I’m trying to stay calm and enjoy the process but sometimes that’s a bit challenging… If money weren’t an issue and I was only planning 100% what I wanted it would be golden but that’s obviously just not the reality of wedding planning - or at least, not for us.

We’ve actually been in a semi-planning mode since last fall (six months before we got engaged). At that time we were seriously considering getting married in the PNW and I wanted to be prepared to make quick decisions when the time came so I started my search early. I was looking for venues, caterers, places to stay, all of it! Anytime I found something I really liked or thought would work I would send it to Matt and if we both liked it I would reach out to that vendor. Ultimately we decided that it was going to be way too much work to get married in a state that we don’t live in (yet), so we decided to keep it local.

After we got engaged in February the first thing I did was start looking for a venue. We both knew that we didn’t want to get married in a big barn because that’s just not our style and that immediately eliminated about half of the venues around us. Yep, half. We really like our barns here in the Midwest!

Here’s what we knew we wanted in a venue:

  • outdoor space to play yard games

  • adequate (size and aesthetic) getting ready space

  • room for at least 120 people

  • not too rustic looking or feeling

  • indoor space in case weather got weathery

Here’s what my venue wishlist was:

  • white (or close to white) walls

  • plenty of natural light

  • modern but not so modern it feels cold

  • no carpet

  • easy transition to reception space

With those things in mind I chose 4 venues for us to look at:

My wishlist of venues consisted of Spain Ranch + Dream Point Ranch. Both in the Tulsa area, both STUNNINGLY beautiful (yes, they are barns), both way outside of our budget for a venue.

We went to look at Blueberry Hill first.

Matt was basically in love with this venue the second we got out of the car. That’s not an exaggeration. It’s one of those “off the beaten path” type of venues and it feels like you’ve left the state. It had all of the outdoor space we could ever want but really no indoor space (the barn isn’t big enough to really do anything inside with the number of people we’re expecting). It was also a bit more “rustic” than I really wanted so we took notes on what we liked about it and went on to the next venue.

Hall’s Pizza Kitchen

Hall’s is one of our favorite restaurants in OKC and we thought it would be fun to do a super casual reception on their rooftop. The idea was that we could get married at the Myriad Gardens and then have everyone move over to Hall’s rooftop. When we went to look at the space we decided that it just wasn’t big enough for what we wanted.

Plenty Mercantile

Plenty has a beautiful rooftop AND indoor space and I was excited to look at it! I had only ever seen it in pictures so getting to see it IRL was a cool experience. It had the white walls, indoor/outdoor space, and a cute getting ready room. The things that ultimately made us say no to it were that it had no grass, the getting ready space is super small, the indoor space didn’t hold enough people and it had a lot of rustic touches (too rustic for me).

Ed Lycan Conservatory

Oh my gosh I LOVED this venue. Well, it’s not really a “venue” since it’s part of a city park, but close enough. It was so beautiful, filled with light, modern but not too modern, had indoor and outdoor space… I was in love with this one the second we walked in. Matt was concerned there wasn’t enough room for everyone and didn’t like the fact that the outdoor space was pretty disconnected from the indoor space.

After we looked at all of the venues we wanted to see…

We went through the pros and cons of each and made a decision. And the winner is… BLUEBERRY HILL!

photo by Jamie Jones

photo by Jamie Jones

This photo doesn’t even kind of do the space justice. Before you say anything, I know, I know, there’s a barn. But listen - it’s not wood and we aren’t planning to use it. This venue made us feel like we were in Oregon and since that’s what we wanted in the first place, it was like a win-win! We are SO excited to get married here! MAY 2, 2020 HURRY UP!