hi. it's been awhile. a long while. for about two weeks i didn't even have a website at all. the domains expired and i just let them sit. i thought about letting it go forever. it felt weird. i've had a website for over a decade. i obviously haven't always used it though... it's nice to have, whether it's in the background or something i maintain regularly. it's just nice to have. i thought maybe today i would just share some things that have been inspiring me. many thanks to pinterest for allowing me to find these things. 


heather day is an inspiration for me through her paintings and through the fact that she lives in a B.A. space in dogpatch, san fran. she couldn't be any cooler if she tried. coolness factor aside though, i'm in love with her art. someday i will own a piece. please, please go check her out. i linked her website below and you can find her on IG @heatherday


i tend to buy something new and then wear it until it falls apart (or i just can't stand looking at it anymore). sometimes i love neutrals + muted colors. i love baggy/oversized shirts + cardigans. i love shoes i don't have to tie or buckle. i love wearing black more than any other color. but this outfit.... if only i had the guts

maybe from also maybe from

maybe from also maybe from




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