*sorry for the poor quality image - I don’t have a spare camera to take pictures with so I had to use my phone!

I always enjoy seeing what gear other photographers are using so I thought I today I would share what I use!

I’ve been in photography for about fourteen years now. The very first DSLR camera I had was a Nikon d5000 with kit lenses and then bought a 50 mm lens and maybe year or so into my journey I switched to a Canon 7D and bought a 35 mm lens and sold my 50mm. A couples of years ago I upgraded that to a Canon 6D and I still just have a 35mm lens. I’ve found that for me and my level of business I haven’t needed more than 1 lens but I hope to get more soon! I’ve got my eye on an 85mm or 24-70mm.

When I was first starting out sooo many people said that their favorite lens was the 50 mm and raved and raved about it and when I bought one and started using it I found that I didn’t really like it. I rented a 35mm lens or a shoot and loved it so I switched! Gear in general is pretty subjective so if you’re not sure what to buy I HIGHLY recommend renting first! Most local camera shops will let you rent gear or you can use a website like www.lensrentals.com (the one I’ve used for years).

People like to debate Nikon vs Canon and the specs and details and all of that but for me, I switched because I started interning for two local wedding photographers and they both used Canon and I found that I liked the interface better. Again, try it before you buy it!

Because I only own one lens, what I use on a wedding day is different from what I have day-to-day. On wedding days I either borrow gear from a friend or I rent it. When that happens here’s what my setup looks like:

wedding day gear.png

One day I’m sure I’ll upgrade to one of the 5D marks but I honestly see no reason to do that right now. My 6D works great and I’m super happy with it! Like I said above, I want to invest in more lenses, likely the 24-70 mm first. It’s just such a good lens to use on a wedding day! I generally don’t take it off my camera the entire day.

My flash system is what needs work. I own a Yungnuo and I HATE it. I know a lot of people use them and like them but I can’t wait to use something else. It takes too long to recharge and eats up batteries and when I go to replace the batteries they are very hot to the touch which is not good. I might have just happened to get a defective flash but I’m not willing to try another one. I’ll be purchasing a Canon speedlight very soon!

I carry everything in a Shootsac and have for years but I think soon I’m going to get a dual strap to help evenly distribute the weight across both of my shoulders so that I’m not dying the next day!

That’s everything! Hope you enjoyed :) Happy shooting!

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