I first started to realize that photography was an actual career choice that people made when I came across two local Oklahoma photographers years ago. They were two guys who shared a studio space and made their living taking photographs. Before finding them I thought that photography was just something people did as a hobby, you know, just for fun. That was over a decade ago and I am still so grateful to both of them for showing me that photography can be my career. 

Aaron and Carl quickly became two of my favorite photographers and through them I started to discover more and more people who inspired me in the profession. I ended up getting to intern for Aaron and Carl and that experience has proved to be invaluable. They taught me about editing, client interactions and professionalism on a wedding day and they both continue to inspire me with the work they produce. 

Since getting started in photography there have been many photographers I've looked to for advice and inspiration and today I'm going to tell you about the 4 most influential photographers I currently follow.

#1 Ben Sasso

PHOTO FROM  http://bensasso.com/about/

Ben is a photographer that I honestly don't know where I'd be without. He is someone who believes whole heartedly in being as helpful as humanly possible. He is constantly pushing himself outside of his comfort zone in his work and that creates a continual source of inspiration for me and so many other photographers. 

I’m a firm believer in fostering a close knit photo community and encouraging individual progression.

We’re all in this together.
— Ben's About Page

He has SO MUCH educational information on his blog. You should go check it out right now. Right MEOW, but then come back and finish reading this! 

I've purchased Ben's Editing + Posing Class Bundle and it changed my life. For real. Life. Changed. He goes into so much detail and breaks everything down in a way that makes it so easy to try his ideas. My posing game got a million times better after this class, I HIGHLY recommend it. 


Ben also created an amazing Facebook group that I've learned SO MUCH from. The photographers in their are absolutely amazing and everyone is so helpful and encouraging. You can check it out here.


#2 Jasmine Star


Jasmine is a photographer that I've followed for six years now. She was the first photographer I came across who wasn't afraid to share what she knows with other photographers. Her photography isn't my style but I have still learned so much from her about running a business and taking care of clients. 

Her blog has a seemingly endless amount of helpful information on it and recently she's transitioned into helping entrepreneurs with their marketing, branding and mindset. 

I've purchased a couple of CreativeLive classes that Jasmine has hosted and I learned so much from them. If you're interested you can take a look here.

Ok so the last thing I'm going to say about Jasmine is kind of a disclaimer. There have been some accusations about her plagiarizing other people's words in her blog posts. Do your research and decide for yourself if you want to learn from her or not. I choose to keep learning.  

#3 Sue Bryce


I think I first came across Sue on YouTube. She was being interviewed by someone and I was instantly captivated. She has such an elegance about her and so so so much knowledge and experience. I loved listening to her talk about working out of her garage in Australia and building that into the thriving business she has today.

I've also purchased CreativeLive classes from Sue and they are INCREDIBLE. You should check them out


#4 Melissa Marshall


Melissa has been my favorite photographer for yeeeears. I started following her when she was just getting started and it has been so amazing to watch her style change and grow over the years. She's an Okie just like me and that's how I found her and a big part of why I become such a fan of her work. I love that she's a local artist (currently residing in Portland, OR but moving back soon!). 


Her work inspires me more than anyone else's and her adventurous spirit and down-to-earth nature make her #1 in my book. Her images are intimate and charged with emotion and I love that. I learn so much just by paying attention to the work she puts out into the world. If you don't follow her, you're really missing out. Go give her some love. 

*Melissa took all the photos you see of me here on my website + all of the backgrounds for my blog post graphics

Well, there you have it! My list of 4 influential photographers that you need to know about. 

Who inspires you? Let me know in the comments!